Yowei Shaw

reporter & audio producer




(Photo Credit: J. Flynn)

Yowei Shaw (she/her) is a proud auntie, daughter of Taiwanese-American immigrants, and member of multiple friend crews.

She's also the co-host and editorial lead of NPR's Invisibilia, where she's lucky enough to get to report, produce, edit, and sound design stories with an incredible team of collaborators. Her work on the show has taken listeners into the uncomfortable world of racial preferences in dating and whether you can change theman unlikely love story in martial law era Taiwan, a Midwestern community sharply divided in how it sees wild black bears, and a hardcore music scene that called out one of its own.

Yowei got her start in audio by teaching youth radio (when she was a youth herself). Before joining Invisibilia, she was a freelancer (a.k.a. audio hustler), whose stories have aired on This American LifeStudio 360, and The World. She's done all kinds of audio gigs - including producing interviews at NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross, making features for public audio art tours, and even once dabbling in making really good elevator music in Chinatown, Philadelphia.

Her work has been honored with a United States Artists fellowship, a Leeway Transformation Award, a National Edward R. Murrow Award, an AAJA National Journalism Award, and a 2011 AIR New Voices Scholarship. She is ever grateful to her parents for letting her report on their obsession with tango dancing - they were very perplexed when she won a Third Coast Documentary Award for the story.

Oh and finally, her first name is pronounced [YO-way]. Like NO way, with a Y.

Tips are always welcome and appreciated, so please get in touch!